Doing Tee Work The Curtis Granderson Way

Tee Work. Two dreaded words in a young baseball player's vocabulary. 


I remember going station to station during high school baseball practice and feeling underwhelmed by the work that I was getting in on the tee.

I mean, the ball's just sitting there - if I don't have the hand eye coordination to handle this by now​ then I may as well just give up.

So I'd go through the motions. Hit three to four dozen balls off the tee and move on to something more exciting like actual live pitching or at the very least soft toss.

This Was Me Being Dumb and Having Bad Coaches​.

​The truth is, knowing how to go about tee work is half the battle. And knowing the specifics of what you hope to accomplish during your work can go a long, long way.

​MLB coaches and players know this, which is why they still do it on a daily basis, but especially during spring training when the pros are trying to get their swings back in check.

In this clip from the MLB Network, Curtis Granderson and Kevin Long (The former Yankees and now Mets' batting coach) break down some of the mistakes that Granderson made in the past during his tee work. They also touch upon what they hope to accomplish as they're getting their work in.​

The Key Tee Work Takeaways

  • Knowing where to place the tee, is just as important as knowing how to use it
  • Trying to go the other way on a tee might not be possible depending on where you place it.
  • Focus on getting to your "load" position in the most simple way possible. Avoid too much "dancing".
  • Think up the middle and the other way, but swing naturally not worrying about trying to place it there.

And there you have it, simple tee work from a pro.

By the way, the Tee they are using in this video just so happens to be the tee that I recommend as one of my favorite hitting resources, here.​


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